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We are delighted to give an update about ourselves and the upcoming projects which are going to be launched shortly.
We strongly believe that you as our customer is of great importance to us and we value your partnership. We will also ensure that we are trustworthy and transparent with all our customers. Our goal is to enhance our customer’s lifestyle standards with our high class engineering & designing expertise and years of work experience. We believe that we are the trustees of each one’s hard earn money got invested in any of our Projects. Your hard earned investment into any of projects will be safeguarded by providing you with our value for money product as a dream house.
We out-perform the market by concentrating at all times on our value and quality proposition. Value lies in delivering the right product to the market, and quality is ensured by the Dev Group expertise.
Dev Group controls and manages the entire production and design evolution of a property development, from concept, master planning, elevations and perspectives, design and construction, and ongoing property management. Thus we are involved right from inception to the ongoing management of the projects.
We start with a lifestyle vision, which leads us to our concept, design and management processes till sales and customer care. We believe in continuous improvement, striving for excellence at all times, and in creating properties and homes which make a difference to lasting value for proud owners and investors.
Dev Builders & Developers is led by a core team of professionals with vast experience in manufacturing “TMT Steel Bars” (Bildon Steels India Limited), Food Processing (Dev Minerals & Beverages India Pvt. Ltd.), etc.


Perfect Property Management with more benefits (in returns) is the advantage that Dev Builders & Developers offers. With plans that give more than double the initial investment to the investor, the schemes at Dev Builders & Developers are setting high standards of investing in real estate and also in your living. As we step in, we know, serving your dreams demands our undeviating care and effort. So what we invest is our wholehearted interest and effort right from drafting the blueprint through cementing each brick.
As socially committed company we will adhere to specified norms of legal, environmental and ethical practices. We intent to contribute back to the society as we grow. For all those who wish to be a part of us in this journey, there is ample opportunities, pleasure and wealth to share.


Dev Builders’ Construction bases all its construction work on the notion that buyers are becoming more discerning. They expect more for their money and realise that they have a choice.
Looking into the construction firm's history and experience is a must. Newly built properties may look impressive, but it is also important to assess the durability of the construction work provided. Developers and construction companies are generally not the same in structure. Many developers work in partnership with a building firm and it is therefore useful to find out about the overall company structure and view any previous collaborative projects to get a full picture.


As part of our extended services, we offer excellent interior amenities and services to customers, on request. We can also provide added furnishings on client’s taste based on the request, which will be designed aesthetically and functionally to meet specific requirements. We can offer fine in-house interiors, which include, spacious bedrooms, elegant living area, stylish dining room, kitchen, etc.
We give sufficient focus to our NRI investors. We are keen on providing necessary services for NRIs and can manage deals and transactions for them.